Our Vision

Develop a complete line of survival gear that enthusiasts want and trust to keep them safe while staying in touch with nature.

Our Mission

PrimalCamp provides quality outdoor gear for every day adventurers who seek simplicity in nature. We strive to complement the outdoors by focusing on the basic, primal needs to survive the wilderness with easy-to-use, quality gear.

Why Choose PrimalCamp


Down-to-earth, honest, reliable


outdoorsy, tough, adventurous


Modest, minimal

Positioning statement

For outdoor enthusiasts who do not want frills and complicated gear. Our products are grounded in simplicity, quality and reliability to provide basic, useful gear to everyday outdoor adventurers. We are developing a series of outdoor gear that is not excessive or frilly, but rooted on the basic needs of survival.

Customer Value Proposition

PrimalCamp is a resource for outdoor enthusiasts. We develop products that keep customers safe but simple so they can enjoy nature and feel connected to the outdoors.